Accord Conveyancing Methodology™

Whether you’re buying your first property or an experienced investor, you want a property conveyancing service that delivers the best outcomes for you.
So we’ve developed the Accord 5-step Conveyancing Methodology that ensures we provide every client with a comprehensive, expert, friendly and tailored service. Whether you are buying or selling a property, our process ensures that your transaction with us is a seamless and positive experience.

Step 1


We listen. We want to ensure that we understand your specific needs, so that we can tailor our service specifically to you. We’ll then talk you through the process from signing to settlement, to ensure you have a smooth and stress-free property conveyancing experience.

Step 2


Whether you’re buying or selling, we do all the ‘digging’, the research to reveal any conditions which may affect your rights and obligations as a vendor or a purchaser. We go through the property details and Contract of Sale with a fine-tooth comb to make sure that the conditions of sale are what you think they are, with no hidden ‘gotchas’.

If you’re purchasing, we’ll provide a detailed Letter of Advice specifying any potential issues or risks. In all cases, we recommend a pre-signing property conveyancing contract review to protect your interests.

Step 3


Years of experience and specialist technical knowledge mean we can quickly identify issues in the due diligence process. Completing a comprehensive search of the documents means we are able to give you expert, accurate and specific advice.

Step 4


The property conveyancing process involves communication with a range of vested parties, such as your broker and your bank. We assign a dedicated senior conveyancer to manage your transaction, and coordinate with all other parties, right through to settlement. We ensure no communication is missed, and all actions are completed on time.

Step 5


By understanding your needs, checking for issues early and thoroughly managing all communications, we help you reach your goal – on-time settlement. The Accord Conveyancing Methodology™ takes the stress out of the process and makes buying or selling your property an enjoyable experience.


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(Zuzanna’s) prompt work, clear communication and taking extra time to answer all my first-timer questions about the process took the stress out of the whole thing, and settlement today came and went without a hitch. I can’t praise Zuzanna enough, and I’m glad I came to Accord. If I’m ever unfortunate enough to buy property again I’ll come straight to your team

I am now all settled in and making the place feel more like a home each day. I just want to thank you and the entire team at Accord for all the work you have done on my behalf and how streamlined you made this whole process. It was absolutely fabulous to work with you and your entire team and I will be encouraging your services to friends and family who are entering the housing market. Once again thanks a million for all your help and support.

Nicole, Stephanie and Zuzanna made the daunting process of purchasing our first home a seamless experience! We are thrilled to be in, and should we require a conveyancer in the future, we would 100% come back to Accord.

It has been a great pleasure dealing with you and Nicole again. I have taken every opportunity to recommend Accord to any of my contacts in need for a conveyancer, and as a very satisfied repeat client, I will continue to do so in future.

Stephanie from Accord conveyancing managed the pre-purchase and settlement process for a property I recently purchased as a first home buyer. Stephanie explained the purchase process to me clearly and she also stepped me through it with expertise. Being a first home buyer, there was much I did not understand in terms of unfamiliar terminology and processes and Stephanie was wonderful in making these easy to understand and she was patient with all my questions about covenants and easements suchlike. She kept me up to date with the process in clearly worded emails or with phone calls. She was also instrumental in helping pick up and address an unfortunate instance of attempted fraud involving a fake email sent from a third party. Stephanie and Accord Conveyancing came well-recommended from People’s Choice Credit Union and I’d unconditionally recommend Accord/Stephanie for anyone requiring a conveyancer.

Thank you for the congratulations, and a big thank you again for your assistance in the purchase of my first property. I greatly appreciate your efforts and guidance through the process. Not only were you diligent in your review of the contract, but through all our correspondence you have been clear and easy to comprehend with your explanations of things, which in turn has bolstered my understanding, and in turn given me more confidence moving forward with matters.