People – Meet Our Team


At Accord, we’re a team of talented, friendly and client-focussed professionals, with a wealth of combined experience. Led by Founding Director, Nicole Faid, we’re committed to giving you expert legal advice and outstanding service, whether you’re buyingselling, subdividing, transferring, or developing property.


We offer a bespoke service, based on understanding our clients and providing support matched to their unique circumstances. We build strong relationships with loyal clients who come back to us time and time again over the years. They recommend us to their friends, family and colleagues, with some of our clients being children and even grandchildren of original clients.

Knowledge and skills

Our team members are selected for their property conveyancing knowledge, but more than that, for their business acumen and, above all, their focus on client service.

Training, for continuous improvement and expansion of knowledge, is at the heart of the Accord philosophy. The team spends dedicated time every week delving into the intricacies of legislation or keeping up to date on changes. We want every Accord client to receive the same level of knowledge and service, whichever team member they are dealing with.

An extended network

We’re experts in our niche, but know our clients also have other needs when managing their property. We’re part of an extended informal network of other property professionals, so if a client needs services such as estate planning, insurance, complex trust structures, litigation or town planning, we’ll refer them to one of our trusted peer organisations.