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Conveyancing Contract Review

Protect your legal rights with a conveyancing contract review in Melbourne

Buying a property is the biggest financial transaction you are ever likely to make. You’ll be entering into a legally binding contract of sale, so it makes sense to ensure you know exactly what you’re signing up for. Our expert team of conveyancers will do a thorough pre-purchase contract review, and identify anything that could represent risk or cost. You can then proceed with peace of mind that there’ll be no surprises down the track with our conveyancing contract review services in Melbourne.

Review of Section 32 & Contract of Sale

A section 32, or Vendor’s Statement, contains information about the land and title of the property being sold. It gives you, the buyer, useful information that you would not get just from inspecting the property. We’ll review your Section 32 and/or Contract of Sale to check that there are no potential problems with your purchase. 

Conveyancing contract review for Buyers

Before you sign the contract, you need to know if there are any issues with the property, land, titles, or services. These could cost you money, reduce your enjoyment or use of the property, or affect your ownership. Our conveyancing contract review service in Melbourne will identify any clauses that are one-sided, items that should have been included, and anything that could disadvantage you. You may also have some special conditions of your own that you want to include.

At Accord Conveyancing, our contract review will give you the information to negotiate the right sale price and conditions and ensure a smooth settlement process.

Conveyancing contract preparation for Sellers

As the seller, you need to provide a Section 32, or Vendor’s Statement to your real estate agent, to pass on to your buyer. You want to make sure that it gives your buyer correct and complete information about the title of the property, encumbrances, planning schemes, outgoings such as council rates, water rates, or corporation fees, building permits granted, proposed works by VicRoads, and any other information that is relevant to your buyer.

If your Statement is not accurate, the buyer could pull out, or the settlement could be delayed. Either way, you risk a significant payment for a failed or late settlement.   

We will ensure that your Section 32 is written correctly and accurately, getting it right first time, and minimising your risk and cost.

How long does the contract review take? Talk to one of our expert conveyancers for advice.