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Contract Review

Protect your legal rights with a Contract Review

When you are buying a property, it is the biggest and most important financial transaction you will make. Obtaining proper, expert, and comprehensive legal advice from the outset can give you the peace of mind and confidence you need to proceed forward.

Review of Section 32 & Contract of Sale

Once you receive a Section 32 (Vendor’s Statement) and/or Contract of Sale, having this reviewed can help you avoid problems with your purchase.

Conveyancing Due Diligence for Buyers

Before signing any contract, you will want to know if there are any issues with the property, land, titles, or services to the property that may cost you money, reduce your enjoyment and/or use of the property, or even affect your ownership.

You will also want to check the details of the contract to ensure you aren’t disadvantaged in any way. We will help you identify any clauses or terms that may be one-sided, are not included and should be, or any item that needs to be flagged for your attention. You may also have some terms and conditions of your own to ensure your needs are adequately reflected.

A Contract Review will give you the information you need to negotiate the right sale price and conditions and ensure a smooth settlement process if you choose to go ahead.

Conveyancing Due Diligence for Sellers

You want to make sure that your Section 32 is correct and complete, fully disclosing details about the title of the property and any encumbrances, any planning schemes, any outgoings on the property such as council rates, water rates, or corporation fees, any building permits granted, any proposed works by VicRoads, and other pertinent information that your buyer should be aware of.

An inaccurate contract can lead to a buyer rescinding the contract and exiting the transaction. When this happens, you’ll need to cover the costs of the failed settlement.

We will ensure that your Section 32 is written correctly and accurately, helping you minimise costs and giving you a smooth process from signing through to settlement.