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Conveyancing to Buy

Conveyancing for Buyers

Purchasing a property, whether you’re a first time home buyer or a seasoned investor, is an exciting time in your life. But with all the processes, paperwork, and legal requirements on property buying, it can also quickly turn into a stressful experience.

At Accord Conveyancing, we make the buying process as straightforward and hassle‐free as possible. We check terms on the contract of sale, perform a search on the title, apply for necessary certificates, lodge a caveat on your behalf, arrange and complete the documents required to ensure that the title is transferred with minimal complications, coordinate with the bank and seller, and arrange settlement. We’ll be there for you acting on your behalf from start to finish.

Your needs first

As your Conveyancer, we have your best interest at heart. We make sure we have a thorough understanding of your needs. We also carefully explain our process to you. This helps ensure a smooth and happy experience for you, as well as gives you the peace of mind you need throughout the entire buying process.

Expert, accurate advice

We take a look at the property details and Contract of Sale to ensure that the conditions of sale meet your requirements. With our years of experience and knowledge, we are able to quickly identify any potential issues. We actively manage the purchase of your new property, allowing us to address any problems if they arise, without delaying settlement.

Detailed due diligence

As buying a property is a big and important investment, you want to make sure that nothing goes wrong with the transaction. We perform your due diligence, conducting a comprehensive search of the documents to make sure your right as a purchaser is protected.

Managed communications

When you work with Accord Conveyancing, you get a dedicated senior conveyancer to look after your project. We coordinate with you, your lender, your seller, and other vested parties. We are also friendly and helpful! We will guide you through this process and make sure it’s as stress-free as possible.

On-time Settlement

We aim to reach settlement as planned, without any delays. We have the Accord Conveyancing Methodology™ in place to ensure not only a timely settlement, but also an overall smooth and enjoyable process for you.

PEXA Certified

Accord Conveyancing is proudly PEXA certified, which means conveyancing can be easily done online. Through PEXA, we can do many transactions including title transfers, lodging caveats, adding or removing encumbrances, and even settlements. Online conveyancing can also be used for larger transactions such as the purchase or sale of apartment blocks and land subdivisions. Using this online facility through PEXA makes the process of buying, selling, and transferring property much easier and quicker.