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Conveyancing to Sell

Conveyancing for Selling

Selling a property can be a complicated process. With all the documents you need to prepare and the legal obligations you need to fulfill as a seller, it can become a stressful experience. This is why having a professional by your side makes a world of a difference.

At Accord Conveyancing, we go through the selling process every day. We understand what you are going through. Furthermore, we have the depth of knowledge and experience of property sales, allowing us to streamline the process from start to finish. We review your Section 32 and ensure its accuracy, coordinate with the buyer, bank and other vested parties, handle the transfer of property, and finalise settlement. This end-to-end management of the sales process makes selling your property an easier and more rewarding experience for you.

Expert, accurate advice

Years of experience and specialist knowledge allow us to identify any potential issues that may arise, so we can avoid common and unexpected legal problems associated with the sale. We will guide you through the entire sales process, while keeping your best interest in mind.

Detailed due diligence

As a seller, you need to complete a Section 32 Statement disclosing all details on the property. If this is not done correctly, it can result to a buyer rescinding the contract and exiting the transaction. Apart from the Section 32 Statement, there are various other forms and documentation that need to be completed. As your Conveyancer, we help review your Section 32 Statement and other documents, making sure all seller documentation is in order.

On-time Settlement

We are committed to getting your settlement through on time and hassle-free. We have the Accord Conveyancing Methodology™ in place to ensure not only a timely settlement, but also an overall smooth and enjoyable process for you.

PEXA Certified

Accord Conveyancing is proudly PEXA certified, which means conveyancing can be easily done online. Through PEXA, we can do many transactions including title transfers, lodging caveats, adding or removing encumbrances, and even settlements. Online conveyancing can also be used for larger transactions such as the purchase or sale of apartment blocks and land subdivisions. Using this online facility through PEXA makes the process of buying, selling and transferring property much easier and quicker.